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Next Annual General Meeting of Save Open Spaces Frome Ltd.

Date in 2022:             in Frome Town Hall.

Would as many as possible please attend as a quorum of shareholders is required to vote on issues and decisions.


12 June 2022Several Years After the First Request.......What has arrived?

A new bin by the Vernal Lane entrance / exit kissing gate!


04 June 2022View from new Bench

Here is today's view northwards from the beautiful newly installed bench at the brow of the Sledging Field.


31 May 2022Vernal Lane Kissing Gate

If anyone knows why the kissing gate latch from this gate was forcibly removed, it would be helpful to know. Smaller cattle may just be able to escape from the field.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Whoever did this, if they don't like kissing gate latches, should contact the Somerset County Council paths warden for this area. Ask me via "Contact" left for details if required.

I will try to replace the latch within a few days.

(Update 4th June: replaced latch 2 days ago, added some (temporary) tape to quieten the rattle when shut. Am investigating whether 3D-printed latch will work shortly. No damage today)

Jimm Yarrow


28 April 20222022 Cows in the grazing area today.

Today was the first day cattle were delivered to our fields. I noticed them this afternoon, and a neighbour reported they had not been there earlier this morning.

Usually cattle have arrived towards the end of March, but later this year.

Would dog walkers please be consicious of their responsibilty to remove dog poo from the ground, and not leave the bags in the fields or hanging on fencing or trees and hedges for someone else to remove.

Litter is also not enjoyed by cattle within their grass diet.    

Predictably many of the notices relating to cattle have been ripped of the gates and stiles over the last year.

Why do I have to write "predictably?"

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