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Next Annual General Meeting of Save Open Spaces Frome Ltd.

Date in 2022:             in Frome Town Hall.

Would as many as possible please attend as a quorum of shareholders is required to vote on issues and decisions.


08 April 20212021 Cattle with us.

From our window today, we see the first five of our guest cattle have arrived. 

Let's hope that all dog-walkers will act responsibly by clear up their dogs' poo, as per request on the new yellow notices, and so adhere to modern social acceptability.

Yes, there are still some who don't care about others' animals' welfare.

If you are nervous with the cows here, please see this link to advice from the Ramblers organisation about walking where there are cattle.




28 March 2021Cattle Notices

Today Andy J. and I affixed new notices requesting dog-walkers to be responsible when in the grazing area.

These are at all the public entrances to the grazing area, not necessarily at the entrances to the SOS Whatcombe Fields.


On the kissing gate next to house 126 Whatcombe Road

    By the Ramblers' Gate on the A362 near the FROME town sign


27 January 2021Post-Snow Search

Checking today for the usual residue left after the snow has melted predictably revealed a more then usual amount of general litter in the Sledging Field.

This includes plastic bottles, sweet-wrappers, supermarket till receipts, a couple of carrier bags, as well as the usual abandoned dog-poo bags and chewed dog balls. There are also more than a few dogs forgetting to bring their bags along with them at present.

I was expecting, as last time it snowed, to clear up a large number of plastic shards of various sizes from cheap hard plastic sledges. One of our neighbours and fields- shareholder has already collected several for her green bin over the last couple of days, but a sweep of the most likely areas, at the top of the slope, and towards the bottom has revealed very few this time.

Our next guest cattle will be pleased, as they find plastic shards painful.

Thanks to all those families who did not leave rubbish over the snowy weekend.

A few examples of items collected.


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