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Next Annual General Meeting of Save Open Spaces Frome Ltd.

Date in 2020 in Frome Town Hall.

Would as many as possible please attend as a quorum of shareholders is required to vote on issues and decisions.


23 October 2020Our Guest Cattle Left Today

During this morning the remaining cattle were gathered together and transported away for the Winter period. We look forward to the Spring when we hope to be able to welcome new guests.

23 September 2020New Metal Kissing Gate replaced Stile

Today Ian M., Henry F., and I replaced the stile between the Sledging Field and the Little Field. The stile had become rotten below ground so the cattle were able to push it and snap one of the stile's legs. The footboard and supports were also rather tired, and of older design which rocked due to the footboard resting on the lower crosspiece.

As this field boundary is on a public footpath, (no: FR 14/56,) the Mendip Area paths warden gave us the gate kit, which we collected from S.C.C.'s Glastonbury depot on Monday 21st September.

The first picture shows the stile, no.35847 as you may remember it, a few days ago.

The second picture shows the new gate cage assembled, the gate on the left, with Henry and Ian dismantling the stile footboard.

The third picture shows the gate in place, with the cage area still to be prepared.

The fourth picture shows the structure finished, and the ground to be tidied up. I should not have left the bar leaning on the cage. Health & safety advice broken. Oops!

If you are interested in local public footpaths, have a look at the official Somerset County Council Rights Of Way Dept. interactive map :


You can zoom in and out, and discover where the public footpaths are within our Whatcombe Fields area, in the wider grazing area, and in the whole of Somerset. There are many facets of this map.

One important feature is being able to report a fault, for example a rotten stile or dangerous sleeper bridge. An exclamation mark in a red circle shows where a fault has been reported. Click on one to see what it is about.

If you type FR 14/56 in the box at top left, the hit the Q, the map will take you to where we were today.                                              Jimm Y-->

Update 24th September: On the ROAM map, our Area Warden has already replaced the stile with our gate, now numbered 60435.    JY

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