Kissing Gate Installation

A metal frame was placed just below house no:126 in Whatcombe Road by a previous owner of the “Sledging Field” so people could access the field without bending or breaking the fence. This informal entrance was never a public footpath, but the landowner seems to have recognised that people would enter the field at this point anyway, as public footpaths do traverse the field.

Following purchase of the “Sledging Field” by SOSWhatcomeFields, a shareholder, Mike Moore, suggested that a kissing gate replacement for the metal frame would be appreciated by all.

The grazier and his cattle had no objection, and we were able to obtain a wooden kissing gate kit from Somerset C.C.

On Thursday 13th August 2015 group of 4 volunteers from the Mendip Ramblers Work Party removed the frame and installed the gate, as per the attached pictures. I am pleased to report that there has been a 100% positive reaction to the change. Thanks also to a close neighbour, Jay, who has spread extra gravel on the ground at the site for added safety.

Jimm Yarrow

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