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Next Annual General Meeting of Save Open Spaces Frome Ltd.

Date to be announced: January 2019 in Frome Town Hall.

Would as many as possible please attend as a quorum of shareholders is required to vote on issues and decisions.


22 November 2018Cows gone for the Winter today. Also see below : fence cut again.

This morning the remaining 83 cows were removed from the grazing fields. They were gathered in the Low Water end field, which has meant that there is a fair amount of mud around there for a while. Ian M. has cleared the metalled path of most the mud etc. this afternoon.

The fence next to the field gate, near the stile from the Sledging Field into the area next to Whatcombe Farm, which featured in the news item of 23rd March earlier this year has been cut again. (See below:View All Stories)


Probably because the ground under the gate is muddy, and somebody with hefty wirecutters is not wearing suitable footwear. Of course this gate does not lie on a public footpath, so it should not be used by walkers; there is no excuse for this action. This area is not within the SOSWhatcombe Fields property and should be respected as private land. We will to have to repair it yet again.

The way through the fence is via the wooden kissing gate nearer the river. The situation will probably change when the Sustrans cyclepath is completed through this area of the grazing fields.

09 November 2018Permissive Path Indicator Installed

Today Les Stather - Frome Parish Paths Liaison Officer - and I installed a shortened recycled "Public Footpath" notice indicating the way down from the Ramblers' Gate by the A362 to the Public Footpaths at the lower part of the Sledging Field.

With Frome's accreditation of "Walkers Are Welcome" more walkers are likely to visit the town. Walkers often like to follow public footpaths from maps, and the sign will assist with thet, although of course we do not insist that public paths are followed within the three Whatcombe Fields.

The link to "Walkers Are Welcome" on Frome Town Council's website can be found under "Links" on the menu left. Several businesses in Frome, eg The Cheese and Grain Café now display the Walkers Are Welcome signs. More should follow.


22 September 2018Another tree into the Sledging Field and across our fence

Due to the very high winds of the past few days at least one more tree has fallen down from the former T.H.White site. We will see what we can do to tidy up Monday 24th if weather permits, or as soon as practicable.  JY & IM

Updated 24/09/18 This morning we cleared the fallen tree which inside the SOS Whatcombe Fields area, and repaired the fence which it had damaged. 90 mins.

The willow tree down across the fence

The overhanging branches cleared and our fence repaired.

Following this Ian and I refixed some fence posts which were beginning to come loose, due in part to the ground still being very dry. We then checked that the drain under the public footpath which used to be flooded was flowing well. I also trimmed some of the side growth to the public footpath at that point. This is one of the tasks I do for Somerset C.C. Rights Of Way department, having adopted the public paths running through the Fields area.    Jimm






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