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09 June 2018Thistle-Pulling Day - drop-in 10:30 - 16:30

Today was organised by Pippa Rayner of Somerset Wildlife Trust with us as an experiment to see whether more volunteers would turn up if the times were flexible. Additionally tea / coffee and biscuits were on hand.

We managed to clear a reasonably large patch of thistles in the big field at the bottom of the T.H.White site boundary up to the turn in the hedge, and inwards to the usual vehicle track. In all approximately 22 wo/man hours were put in.













                                   Pippa with Des H. and Anne C. - two of our most reliable helpers

Just to prove I was there as well😀

In addition two families also helped, the Trainers who live in Frome who had seen the message about the day on Sue's Whatcombe Fields Facebook site, and the Masters of Shaftesbury, who were taking part in Somerset Wildlife Trust's "30 Days Wild" programme.

The Trainer family helping and discovering! (by Kirsty Trainer with permission)

A very big "Thank you" to all those who helped: more hands would have been very welcome to pull thistles before they flower and seed again.  JY

22 May 2018Wildlife Discovery Walk

This evening Pippa Rayner of Somerset Wildlife Trust led a walk in the fields to see what could be found at this time of year. A surprisingly large number of plants particularly grasses were identified by Pippa, Sue E., and some of the participants - some of our shareholders and some members of Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Insects and birds were also identified, and the pleasant weather contributed to an enjoyable and informative couple of hours.    JY

Participants searching on the slope of the top big field

Pippa identifying a particular grass

And two selections by Kirsty Trainer:

20 May 2018New Welcome Signs

This morning I affixed new, updated welcome signs to the two kissing gates by the A362, and a replacement one at the SE corner of the Whatcombe Fields at the field gate and small pedestrian gate from the Low Water Farm fields. This latter notice had been damaged.

Graphics by Sally Harflett, Frome https://www.fromsallywithlove.co.uk

Printing and rear mounting by Compugraphic Design, Frome      http://www.compugraphicdesign.co.uk

However, just as the new signs arrived, there has now been vandalism of the original welcome sign fixed by the stile from the field near Whatcombe Farm into the lower part of the Sledging Field. The printed plastic sheet is completely ripped off, see picture 4.

I have replaced it temporarily with the "adjusted" one which was originally wrongly fixed to the field gate near the Jacks Lane junction which allows access for the grazier and cattle, and which is not a pedestrian entrance.

New notice attached to the Ramblers' Gate

New notice attached to Laurence's Gate.

Replacement notice on field gate between Sledging Field and Low Water Farm field

Vandalised sign at stile to Sledging Field

Temporary replacement for vandalised sign.

Well, it's better than nothing I suppose. It would be a lot better if ........ JY


18 April 2018Fence along one side of spring brook

Today Ian and I completed a fence along one side only of the spring brook in the big field. You will see from the first picture, taken March 30th, that the lower bank is considerably worn away from years of cattle crossing the brook. The upper side is far less affected. We will monitor whether the fence needs to continue down the upper side, but the initial one may discourage the cattle from making the brook ever wider.

18 April 2018Cattle have arrived in Fields

On Monday 16th April thirty young cattle arrived in the Fields. They are smaller than the heifers we had in previous years, and are of varied colours. Harry, their stockman, told us they are cross Simmental, Angus, Charolais and Hereford.

Due to their small nature, we have had to add another crossbar to the wood barrier to the Cooper Hall field by the tree in our big field. (See also NEWS item of 14th March below.)

People with dogs will of course be aware that extra control may be necessary.

The cattle belong to our new grazier, Nigel Toop. The name will be familiar to you from the signs for his scaffolding and roofing company based in Frome. The company website has this address: www.toopgroup.co.uk 

This picture from today whilst completing the fence, see next NEWS item above. JY

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