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Next Annual General Meeting of Save Open Spaces Frome Ltd.

Projected date: 29th October 2019 in Frome Town Hall.

Would as many as possible please attend as a quorum of shareholders is required to vote on issues and decisions.


08 August 2019Removing Flowering Thistle Heads

Some helpful person spent some time and effort in the first week in August removing flowering thistle heads from the hedge line and along the informal "permissive" path between the kissing gates along the 362 at the top of the big field.

Any help is appreciated, and a big "Thank you!" is deserved.

It saved me some time and pulling the thistles was an easier task.   Jimm

07 August 2019Message about Cattle from the Directors of SOSWhatcombeFields

On 5th August the following message was sent to Shareholders, and those on the General Interest list.

If you would like to be added to the General Interest list and receive appropriate messages, please send a message via the CONTACT link on the menu at the left of the screen.

"Dear SOS Whatcombe Fields Shareholders 
This is to notify you of some changes agreed at the last SOS Frome Board Meeting, in respect of cattle grazing on the community fields.

1- When renewing the grazing licence it will be amended to stipulate that ‘no livestock under three months old, must be brought onto the fields.’
The current licence expires at the end of this September. It is our understanding that the present grazier has now removed most calves and a number of older cattle from the fields.

2- Before the next grazing season begins next April, signage will be installed at approximately twelve key points around the fields, including footpath entrances, cycle path and railway access. This will read:

CATTLE GRAZE HERE from April to October

The cattle are usually docile but can be inquisitive and sometimes intimidating. Please use other routes if you are concerned. Do not allow your dog or children to chase or startle cattle. Keep dogs on leads, but let them run free if cattle approach.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

Steve Small on behalf of the Directors"

21 June 2019Cattle in Whatcome Fields Grazing Area at present

Please see under a copy of the message from the Directors of SOSFrome (Whatcombe Fields) about the caption above:

(This has already been sent to e-mail addresses on the general mailing list.)

Dear SOS Frome Supporter

This is to advise you of the current situation regarding cattle in the community-owned fields.
     As of Wednesday 19th June, the mother cow with her calf have been separated from the main herd and moved to the Whatcombe Farm field, which is not SOS land.
     Some concern has also been expressed regarding the number of cows; however this is within the acceptable bounds of welfare regulations and there is plenty of grass for them to eat. The field directly next to the river has now been opened up for grazing, meaning that they are less concentrated within the community-owned land. 
      In the event of cows temporarily obstructing a footpath gate, walkers are asked to use an alternative entrance. This is an unavoidable possibility if we have animals grazing, on what we have all agreed to have maintained as farmland. 

kind regards

Steve Small, for the SOS Frome Directors

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